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Whatever mail software (also referred to as a "mail client" or "e-mail client") or indeed mobile phone you are using, you may set it up to use your e-mail. The basic parameters are generally the same.

There are 5 key parameters which you must check before contacting us if you are experiencing problems:
  1. Incoming IMAP or POP server name (for receiving) =
  2. Outgoing SMTP server (for sending) =
  3. User name = Your full e-mail address(must already exist in your hosting control panel)
  4. Password = whatever password you have set on the e-mail address in question
  5. Authentication = Mandatory for sending e-mails. This is enabled in the SMTP settings of your e-mail client. You must choose to use the same parameters as the incoming server
There is an additional parameter to consider, depending on your Internet Service Provider, who may block SMTP port 25. Should that be the case, you must specify the port number to use instead of 25 in the SMTP port field, without using the SSL option (for either incoming or outgoing server).

Illustrated steps

Here are the correct settings for the major e-mail clients on the market:


Smartphones, mobiles...


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